Lectotypification of Kalanchoe humifica (Crassulaceae)

  • Kazunori Miyata Izu Shaboten Zoo
  • Hiroshi Ikeda The University Museum, The University of Tokyo
  • Hideaki Ohba The University Museum, The University of Tokyo
Keywords: Crassulaceae, epitype, Kalanchoe, lectotype


Kalanchoe humifica Desc. (Crassulaceae) was described in 2005 based on vegetative characters because of the absence of floral material. According to the original description, the holotype of K. humifica should be at P, but we were unable to find it there. We therefore designate one of the photographs published in the protologue as the lectotype. Furthermore, the flowering specimen Miyata et al. 15031401 in TI is designated as an epitype of K. humifica.