Tipularia kyushuensis, a New Name for Didiciea japonica (Orchidaceae) with Its Lectotypification

  • Xiao-Rong Lai Jiangxi Agricultural University
  • Jing-Wan Jin Jiangxi Agricultural University
  • Bo Li Jiangxi Agricultural University http://orcid.org/0000-0003-1628-8128
Keywords: Calypsoinae, Epidendroideae, Japan, Tipularia, typification


A recent phylogenetic analysis revealed that Didiciea King & Prain is nested in Tipularia Nutt., thus it is necessary to transfer both species of Didiciea into Tipularia. The epithet of D. japonica Hara cannot be transferred to Tipularia because of the prior existence of T. japonica Matsum., so a new name, T. kyushuensis Bo Li, is proposed for D. japonica. A lectotype for the name is designated here.